Natures Pure CBD Oil Test Results

Terpenes in the Natures CBD Enhanced Blend.

This particular blend of Terpenes (below) has a smooth calming effect with notes of Floral, Citrus and Tart. Blended with a very specific set of mixed flavors to sweeten the experience and finished with our trademarked FixFusion(tm) method to sustain, maintain and enhance the effects of CBD.
Distillate Full Spectrum CBD with less than 3% THC.

1. Limolene Terpenes
2. Ethyl Butyrate Terpenes
3. Beta Caryophyllene Terpenes
4. Ethyl Isovalerate Terpenes
5. Humulene Terpenes
6. Linalool Terpenes
7. Methyl Anthranilate Terpenes
8. Ethyl Maltol Terpenes
9. Alpha Bisabolol Terpenes
+ an additional proprietary blend Terpenes

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