CBD Oil For Pets

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Help Out The Family Pet Today !

Natures CBD has teamed up with King Kanine, LLC to introduce King Kalm CBD for pets. Our CBD for pets is made from the cleanest source of cbd. Formulated with rich Omega 3 Fish oil, lavender and the award-winning CBD structure, makes this one of the best options for your family pet.

What is CBD oil known to do for pets?

  • Works incredibly well for joint pain for pets.
  • Works especially well for pets that have seizures.
  • Works great for anxiety in pets.
  • Works great for aggression in pets.

Easy application:
Comes in 30 ml bottles with two empty oral application syringes for a pain free application.

Comes with directions for the correct dosage for your pets weight and size. 

Available in two strengths for small and large pets.

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